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“we”, “our”, “us” refer to “Renaultspareparts.co.uk” as a price comparison website

“You” and "your" refers to the person who intends to use or is using this price comparison website.

"website" means any site or part of the site on the World Wide Web located at Renault Spare Parts,

"Product or service" means any engines or spare parts advertised or offered on this website or via this website

"Product or service provider" means third party suppliers, manufacturers, or providers of any service or product offered on this website or via this website

"quote" means a price offered by the provider, for comparison with other quotes. The quote will be provided according to your given information and we cannot guarantee the availability of the same price if your given information differs on a purchase. You have to make direct contact with the provider and agree to their Terms and Conditions.

It is certainly significant that you read and understand these terms and conditions as they comprise valuable information and legal facts that are very important to administer and strengthen our relationship with you. Visit our  Contact Us  page if you have any questions or inquiries regarding business or site.

By using our website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions so, please read them wisely and carefully.

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We offer a price comparison service and don’t do any financial transactions or payments on our site. You receive a price quote from us and agree to buy a product, you intend to enter into a new agreement with the engine or spare parts supplier, who is definitely a third party, then you are advised to check their terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are set to assist you with the procedures if you have any complaints against us as a price comparison service provider.

1. General

1.1 We do not supply vehicle parts or services. We simply operate this site as a means for you to contact potential Suppliers who may be able to respond to your request.

1.2 We are a parts location service rather than a supplier, we have no control over and take no responsibility for the quality, safety, or legality of items supplied by any Supplier.

1.3 We do not review quotes made by the Suppliers and do not have any control over them, and take no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any quote given.

1.4 We are not responsible to make any payment or delivery of goods that you order as a result of a Request.

1.5 We are independent of the Suppliers, we recommend that you make a note of the telephone numbers and names of the Supplier(s) from whom you receive quotations as we may not be aware of all Suppliers who contact you with a quote.

1.6 These Terms and Conditions only apply to your use of Renaultspareparts.co.uk as a price comparison website.

1.7 You agree to these Terms and Conditions by using our services and if do not want to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you have the right to depart from the website.

1.8 Renaultspareparts.co.uk may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice of changes on our website. Changes will apply from the date of posting and will not affect any of your previous agreements of using Renaultspareparts.co.uk.

1.9 New Terms and Conditions will apply after the posting of changes and if you do not agree to the new Terms and Conditions, you are authorized to stop using the website.

2. Use of This Website

By using this website, you agree that:

2.1 You are strictly not allowed to do anything that can disturb the truthfulness, reliability, safety, or security of this website, or causes or may cause damage, impairment, or irrational problems to us or other users.

2.2 You will not collect, extract, transfer, reproduce, download data or any part of data from this website and advertise or use for commercial purposes anywhere else, other online or off-line services or otherwise.

2.3 You will not collect any material or data including but not limited to information relating to engine and spare parts prices or quotes, by using spiders, bots, data mining, scanning, or any software/system used to mine or extract records, information, images, content or any data from this website.

2.4 If you breach or attempt to breach any of the clauses mentioned in 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 above, then according to these Terms and Conditions, we may take strict action including legal proceedings, or at least restrict your access to this website and disclose all your information to legal and regulatory bodies.

3. UK Residents

3.1 This website is not limited only to UK residents but worldwide, and these Terms and Conditions arrange price comparison services for persons within and outside the United Kingdom and it is up to the provider that they can supply you worldwide. The data described on this website are only focused on people who are residents of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, or the Isle of Man.

4. Your Responsibilities

4.1 You should only use the "Renaultspareparts.co.uk" website for your particular use to compare engine or spare parts prices

4.2 It is your obligation to confirm that the information you provide on this website is true, accurate, and complete in all aspects so, please double-check every time before submitting your information.

4.3 You will need to fill in several information fields in order to obtain quotes for the engines and spare parts. The on-site forms are specially designed to ensure that your required quote for the engine or spare part you are interested in, must be accurate.

4.4 The assurance of price correctness is based on the truthfulness of the data or information you provide and the amount you pay is determined by the answers you provide, so provide the data truthfully and to the best of your knowledge and belief.

4.4.1 If you fail to provide the correct information, you may not be able to get the best possible price quote and we will refer it as a waste of your time in the case of a wrong purchase from a third party you may cause damage to the product when the product will not fit-in appropriately. That situation will lead you to the void of warranty if any given. However, this will completely depend on the Terms and Conditions you agreed with the provider at the time of purchase.

4.5 If you are directly using the provider's website after a price quote, you can read their Terms and Conditions on their site regarding any purchases or other services you wish to use, however, these Terms and Conditions you agreed with us only relate to the use of this site.

5. Our Service

5.1 We offer price quotes for almost all kinds of car engines and spare parts which enables you to compare the prices from different sellers and the availability of engines and spare parts with several providers.

5.2 We do not offer financial, investment, or stock availability kind of advice with the engine or spare parts price compare quote nor do we handle any financial transactions with the sellers, or offer any kind of recommendation to buy any specific engine or spare parts from any specific provider.

5.3 The information you give us on the site will be used by the providers to produce their quotes. Therefore, it is necessary and recommended to double-check the information before you submit it. We assure you on our site that we will accurately pass on your information to the provider for price quotes.

5.4 These Terms and Conditions and all our content is purely formed in the English language and you cannot complain about the credibility of information if you fail to understand any of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions or of the website.

6. Validity of Price Quote

6.1 We do not have any control over the prices, length of offers if there are any at the provider's end, or any special or hidden conditions connecting to engine or spare parts price comparison quotes. These are wholly set by engine and spare parts providers. If you want any information regarding price quotes validity or any other questions relating to price quotes, please access the provider's website via the link given on our site or in your email.

6.2 Price quotes are subjected to change because rates and offers on the provider's side change frequently and are updated regularly.

6.3 We do not help anybody in buying or purchasing any engine or spare part that is described or enlisted on our site so, you must contact the providers directly. We will only provide you with the price quote and a link to the provider's website. Engine or spare part details and other processes like delivery and fit services will be available on the provider's website.

7. Delivery of Price Quotes

7.1 We always deliver price comparison quotes online or via your email address or SMS, however, we rely on the third-party sites and their availability and general performance on the World Wide Web. The delivery of quotes might face any issues and at certain times the quotes may not be available to you due to general web issues or the problems with the third-party websites.

7.2 Whilst we face any issues to provide you comprehensive quotes or your quotes may not meet the requirements, you should contact directly to the engine or spare parts providers and we do not take any responsibility in the case of web connectivity issues.

7.3 We have several engines and spare parts suppliers in our database and each one will have a different approach to the quotes provisions and may not provide quotes for every engine or spare part they have. So where ever we feel that engine and spare parts providers are restricting quotes availability, they will contact you directly for more information on specific engines or spare parts. They might treat your data as confidential and treat your data according to data protection legislations.

8. Responsibility for Content

8.1 We are accountable and responsible for confirming that we precisely and truthfully replicate engine and spare parts quotes via our price comparison website and process.

8.2 We are also responsible for statements and information demonstrated by us and for keeping your data according to the data protection legislation.

8.3 We will practice and employ our best resources to provide you the true and accurate information and virus or malware-free websites for you and your system. However, we do not take any responsibility for those issues which are beyond our control. If your computer faces any issues or is infected by viruses as a result of using this website we do not take any responsibility. So, you are advised to use your own virus checking software.

8.4 We do not bear any responsibility for any commentary or opinions or ratings on our website provided by the third party.

8.5 Engine and spare parts providers and third-party websites are responsible for faults or errors on their websites and you may read their Terms and Conditions regarding errors.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1 All data, information, and patent material presented on this website, containing any trademarks officially registered or unregistered, trade names, brands, and brand logos, devices, engine, and spare parts images or any other images solely belong to us or to people who have the legal rights or permissions or ownership to use such materials. You are not allowed to use such information or copyright material without any written permission from us.

9.2 You can only copy or download images or content items presented on this website, for your personal use only but it is strictly prohibited to use our material for business or commercial use otherwise you are breaching the Terms and Conditions rules.

9.3 Renault spare parts and Renault spare parts Logos are our trademarks and you must not use them for commercial use or try to reproduce them.

10. Jurisdiction and Enforceability

10.1 If any provision or clause of our Terms and Conditions are alleged by any official authority or official representative to be unacceptable, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining clause and sections of the Terms and Conditions document will not be affected and will remain legal and effective in its true sense.

10.2 In case of any dispute with the supplier or unlawful events of a dispute linking to the suppliers, e.g. poor service, financial loss, or property damage, we shall not be held responsible. Only suppliers will be held responsible for the disputes under their terms. if you don't agree, please leave our website now and don't proceed further.

10.3 These Terms and Conditions will only apply between us (Renaultspareparts.co.uk) and you (user of the website). Except as otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions, no other person may rely upon or benefit from these Terms and Conditions.

11. Complaints Procedure

11.1 We are employing high service standards to provide all our customers the best possible services but sometimes things can go off beam. It could be you to suffer from those conditions but if unfortunately, this happens to you, we will do every possible exertion we can, to put things factual and right again and assist you.

11.2 What to do if you have a complaint about Renault’s spare parts? Feel free to contact us and write a line to our customer services.

11.3 If your complaint is about the engine or spare parts that were shown on our website then we are totally unable to help you and you should complain directly to the provider at their website.

11.4 Please be rest assured before proceeding to provide any of your details, that we cannot answer any complaints on behalf of the engine or spare parts suppliers or cannot be held responsible for any engine or spare parts complaints, loss of money, or misplacing of your orders. In order to make a complaint against them, you should visit the suppliers' website and follow their complaints procedures.

11.5 Before contacting any of the engine or spare parts suppliers you received price quotes from, please make sure you are only responding to the engine and spare parts suppliers who sent you price quotes through the Renault spare parts Platform from emails ending with @renaultspareparts.co.uk. We do not allow any members to contact users outside our platform and cannot be held responsible for any loss of money if users respond to the engine and spare parts supplier’s request to make a deal outside the platform.

11.6 If any of the engine or spare parts suppliers contact the user on their phone, please make sure you still get a price quote from engine or spare parts suppliers through the proper channel to make sure you are not being pushed towards any scam by the engine or spare parts suppliers going outside the Renault spare parts platform.

11.7 if you feel uncomfortable with these terms and conditions and do not agree to these terms and conditions, please leave the website and do not provide any personal details or alternatively contact us to discuss.

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