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Engine Code Engine Actual CC Horse Power KW Get Quote Request a callback
M4R 704 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 700 1997 cc 138 HP 102 kW
M4R 701 1997 cc 138 HP 102 kW
M4R F 711 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 711 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R F 712 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R F 713 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 714 1997 cc 137 HP 101 kW
M4R 751 1998 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 746 1997 cc 139 HP 102 kW
M4R 713 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 710 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 726 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 735 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW
M4R 739 1997 cc 140 HP 103 kW

Renault M4R engines are smooth and excellent engines that power the Renault vehicles without any major problems. However, engines are comprised of hundreds of independent spares that work like clockwork to make the engine perform at its best. If the engine starts to present problems on regular basis, then it makes sense to get the engine replaced. Renault Spare Parts can help you locate and purchase some of the most reliable and robust used and reconditioned Renault M4R engines at absolute bargain prices. Our network of trusted and reliable breaker yards specialists and engine sellers have huge stock of Renault M4R engines available and are always eager to serve and sell.

We have kept the process of acquiring the engines simple, you just fill the required fields such as the registration number of your vehicle, model, year of manufacture, engine power etc. and our system configures the exact engine for your vehicle. You are presented a list of engines available in our seller’s inventory. All you have to do is to choose the engine first. Now, you have two options. You can either call the seller directly or can schedule a call back from the seller by mentioning the best call back time from you.

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We help you save time and money as you do not have to physically go and find the engine from several shops across the country and can get the whole process done with just a few clicks. You are guaranteed to save a considerable amount when you choose to buy a used or reconditioned engine from us and our sellers provide warranty depending on the condition and price of the engine. We also arrange a quick and dependable delivery so you do not have to spend time in the arrangements.